Japanese family crests ("kamon") are world-renowned examples of the beauty of Japanese design.
Why not use your family crest or a favorite kamon in your own designs?

Oda Nobunaga / Tokugawa Ieyasu / Takeda Shingen / Uesugi Kenshin / Ishida Mitsunari /
Tool Ikari(Anchor) / Ken(Sword) / Ougi(Fan) / Kamashiki(Mat) / Ho(Sail) / Mamori(Amulet) / Itomaki(Spool) /
Animal Hamaguri(Clam) / Houou(Chinese phoenix) / Hato(Pigeon) / Cho(Butterfly) / Usagi(Rabbit) / Ebi(Lobster) / Chidori(Plover) / Plant Itadori(Japanese Knotweed) / Kuzu(kudzu) / Hyo(Gourd) / Sasa(Bamboo grass) / Katabami(Oxalis corniculata) / Asa(Flax) / Omodaka(Alismataceae) /
Nature Yamagata(Mountain) / Kumo(Cloud) / Nami(Wave) / Hoshi(Star) / Tsuki(Moon) / Yuki(Snow) / Building Torii / Igeta(Parallel crosses) / Idutsu /
Geometry Uroko(Scale) / Kaku / kikkou / Tomoe(A comma-shaped design) / Martialism Ya(Arrow) / Takanoha / Yuki(Snow) /
Furnishing Ho(Sail) / Heishi / Zeni(Money) / Torii / Tsuchi(Hammer) / Character Moji(Letter) / Manji(Swastika) / Fuji(Wisteria) /

Kamon older than 50 years are no longer copyrighted in Japan. However, photographs, prints, fonts and design data are protected by copyright, and therefore cannot be redistributed to third parties without permission.

Using the Kamon Design Illustrations
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