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TB Co., Ltd. (hereafter "the company") promises to always pay scrupulous attention to our customers' privacy as well as to personal information about them.
Personal Information Protection Policy
About the handling of personal information
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Personal Information Protection Policy
As a company engaged in the business of Internet services, software development and sales, which all involve the handling of personal information, our company recognizes that the protection of personal information is an important social responsibility, and strictly complies with laws related to personal information and the rights of the subject to the protection of that information. And we are building a compliance program for the implementation of the following.
  1. The collection, use, and provision of personal information for the company's business activities shall be limited to the extent necessary.
  2. Rational safeguards will be taken to protect personal information from illegal access, loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, or the like, and administrative resources will be introduced in keeping with the latest technological trends. Also, measures related to protection and rectification will be implemented, and the security system for personal information will be continuously improved.
  3. Laws and other regulations related to personal information will be strictly observed.
  4. Continuous improvement activities will be carried out to revise our compliance program on the basis of needs of the subjects of the information, the latest trends in IT technologies, and amendments to the law.
  5. Our company will accept at the following EMAIL or FAX about the inquiry,offers of the correction,the complaint and the consultations,etc. from customer , about the individual information we have, and respond promptly.
In addition to the public disclosure of this policy, it is to be disseminated to our officers and employees, and efforts will be made to instruct and educate everyone to raise their awareness of personal information protection.
<Contact for Inquiries about this Policy or Personal Information>
Person in charge of personal information management in TB Co., Ltd.
E-MAIL: / FAX: 052-933-1350
June 1, 2006
Revision on December 1, 2013
TB Co, Ltd.
Managing Director    Joji Kanaya
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About the handling of personal information
In accordance with this company's personal information protection policy, customer personal information will be handled as follows.
1."About the handling of personal information" applied range.
The "About the handling of personal information" applies when the customer is using our company's services.
Also, individual information collected from when the customer uses our company's services will be managed according to the "About the handling of personal information". Our "About the handling of personal information" does not apply to individuals and organizations, etc. that our company is not administering directly.
Children under the age of 16 are required to obtain parent or legal guardian permission in order to utilize our services.

2.The purpose of using personal information
Our company may use personal information collected from the customer for the following purpose.
<Free membership>
*To provide the services on our Homepage
*To distribute information on our company and other company's products and services, conduct surveys, and inform of our business holidays, etc.
*To correspond to inquiries concerning our company's service
*For market research to implement service improvements, and other examination research

<Purchasing products and services, and/or customers who use compensation membership services>
*For receiving orders, delivery of goods and catalog delivery
*To answer order inquiries, after-sale service and receiving returned goods
*To answer inquires concerning our company's package software and the use of our company's services
*To obtain information related to transactions at financial institutions in addition to that of credit checks which are performed when payment is made by credit card
*To e-mail, FAX, send postal mail, or use other means to distribute information on our company and other company's products and services, conduct surveys, and inform of our business holidays, etc.
*To send campaign trophy and raffle prizes
*For market research to implement service improvements, and other examination research

3.Giving personal information to a third party
We will not supply personal information to third parties without the customers consent. However, personal information may be provided in the following uses.
<Uses based on Laws and Ordinances, etc.>
We may respond to any demand that is based on law and ordinance in cases that have requested disclosure of personal information from a courthouse, administration, superintendent, and other public official organizations.

4.Regarding personal information deposit
We may deposit the customer's personal information in the following cases. In this case, we will select a corporation that has fulfilled standards for our company's personal information, and will conduct appropriate measures necessary for entering into a personal information protection contract.

<Free membership>
We do not deposit personal information.

<Purchasing products and services, and/or customers who use compensation membership services>
*Distribution/delivery duties, direct mail shipping, Fax forwarding, system development and maintenance, special order product manufacturing, business management, etc. and consignment.
*Credit card companies and other financial institutional inquiries

5.Disclosure of personal information, correction, and deletion
As for personal information we've received only the person in question can request disclosure, correction, or deletion from our company. In that case, when a mistake is found in individual information, the correction etc. must be treated at once. If indication, the correction, or deletion is requested, please contact the following reception desk. Also, a 2000 yen handling charge will be applied for disclosure request.
Our company may have the following information after the customer's record is released.
*Backup file that our company created in case of technical problems.
*Access log file where our server stores information.

6.Arbitrary property of personal information
Concerning personal information offered to our company, arbitrary property is valued, and we ask for consignment beforehand because the delivery and service of the product ordered may not be able to be done normally if there is anything invalid, insufficient or incomplete in the content.

7.The responsible party concerning personal information
Our company's responsible party concerning personal information is the person in charge of personal information management.

8.Personal information concerns and inquiries
Person in charge of personal information management in TB Co., Ltd.
E-MAIL : / FAX : 052-933-1350

Additional facts about our company homepage
1.Our homepage security
Our company safely keeps personal information protected by firewall and other protection software in our server, in order to prevent unauthorized access, loss of data, or data leakage. Also, when the customer sends personal information and receives through the Internet; the code communication technology SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is used, and is easily accessible on our homepage.

Our company allows customers to create 'cookies' on their home computer. A cookie, when our homepage has been previously visited by the customer, allows them to access it more conveniently again later, but does not violate customer's privacy. Customers can refuse the cookie by setting in their browser, but in that case, some parts of our goods request and login page, download, and some other company services will become unable to use. To set your browser, please ask the respective software manufacturer. Cookies are used on our homepage for the following purposes.
*To process goods in customer's shopping cart
*To process confirmation and registration, etc. of customer transactions
*To check user login
*To download the file managed with the database server of our company such as the template files
*To improve our contents and service

Companies that display advertisement on our homepage may set cookies on user's computer and use it to access information. In this case, the use of cookies by the advertiser is done according to the privacy rules of the advertiser. Advertisers and other companies cannot access the cookie on our homepage.
3.Access Login
Our website, the information of those who access is recorded in the access log. In the access log, the date and time of the user's accesses, domain name and IP address and browser used counter, and so forth are included, but information that can specify the individual is not included. The access log is used for statistical analysis of visits and usage, the products, and the content of service to further enhance the utilization. It is never used for any other purposes.

4.Other Links
When the link from our homepage is put on other homepages, handling of personal information on each homepage is not in our control and our company cannot assume responsibility. We recommend the handling of personal information, etc. on each homepage to be validated.

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Revision on October 1, 2008
Revision on October 1, 2007
Implemented on June 1, 2006
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